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Entrelac Mix and Match

Description: Who says that entrelac fabric always needs to be stockinette, garter stitch or some other "simple" fabric. What if we wanted to incorporate some of our other favorite knitting techniques -- could it be done? Explore taking entrelac to a whole new level as we begin creating and entrelac hat sampler. Discussion will include which techniques are a good match with entrelac fabric, ways to over come challenges and applications for the wonderful results. MUST already be comfortable with entrelac.
Supplies: Appox 100 yds in main color (MC) and 50 - 75 yds each in two contrasting colors in worsted weight yarn, 16" circular or DPN in a size to achieve 4.5 sts/in in stockinette stitch.
Homework: Using MC, CO 90 sts. Join without twisting and work in 1x1 rib for 2". Cont with MC, create base triangle of 10 sts each as follows: Row 1 (RS): K1. Row 2 (WS): P1. Row 3: K1, k2tog. Row 4 and ALL WS ROWS: Purl sts just knit. Row 5: K3. Row 7: K3, k2tog. Row 9: K5. Row 11: K5, k2tog. Row 13: K7. Row 15: K7, k2tog. Row 17: K9. Row 19 (LAST ROW for triangle): K9, k2tog. Rep rows 1 - 19 5 more times to create a total of 6 triangles each with 10 sts. Leave on needles.
Duration: 6 hours
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