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Power Pleats Pict Powerful Pleats - Published in Knitter's Magazine K110 (Spring 2013). Linen lace worked triple strand through the body of the skirt makes for quick knitting. The pleat-ruffle along the bottom is worked double strand to lighten the fabric and provide more swing.
Optical Illusion Pict Optical Illusion Skirt - Published in Cast On Spring 2013. Worked side-to-side with short row shaping through the waist and hips, the vertical welts of knits and purls creates a slendering vertical line. Worked in linen the skirt is easy care - machine wash and dry.
Lattice Pyrmids Pict Denim Sampler Skirt - Published in Cast On Spring 2013. This a-line skirt that is fun to knit to wear. Each panel of texture stitches is worked separately, but joined to the previous panels as it is knit. Made with recycled jeans it goes with everything in your closet.
Lattice Pyrmids Pict Lattice Pyramids - Published in Knitter's Magazine K109 (Winter 2012). Designed as part of the Design Challenge for Opening Day at Stitches Midwest - Skirting's the Issue. Worked from the waist down, a single rib moves into an extensive lattice cable creating a fun wearable skirt.
Entrelac and Old Lace Pict Entrelac & Old Lace - Published in Knitter's Magazine K104 (Fall 2011). Entrelac is used for the yoke which seamlessly transitions into a variant of Feather and Fan. Twisting shut the yarn overs provides modesty at the top while opening them further down add swing to the skirt.

Kiwi Squares Pict Kiwi Squares - Published in Knitter's Magazine K102 (Spring 2011). Developed as part of the Design Challenge for Opening Day at Stitches West 2011, the desgin features inset counterpanes across the back and shoulders worked in a coordinating lace weight yarn.
City Swing City Swing - Published in Creative Knitting May 2011. Long repeat yarn combined with reversible entrelac panels make this jacket fun to knit and easy to wear year round. Double Seed sleeves and a garter stitch back pull the project together while maintaining the simple lines.
Diminishing Gores Skirt Diminishing Gores Skirt - Published in Knits Magazine Spring 2011. Knit form the waist down, four gored panels are created by an extra entrelac unit at each point. An a-line shape combined with a cotton/wool blend yarn make this easy to wear.
Cable Bytes Cable Bytes - Published in Knitter's Magazine K101 (Winter 2010). This generous stole features three different cable patterns incorporated into the entrelac fabric are staggered to mimic strips of cables woven together with strips of an interesting knit/purl fabric.
Two Tone Warmers Two Tone Warmers - Published in Creative Knitting January 2011. A reversible set of winter accessories (headband, buttonhole scarf and fingerless mitts) created by using a two-color brioche rib made popular by Elise Duvecot's book, Knit One Below.
Entrelac Shrug Entrelac Shrug - Published in Creative Knitting January 2011. Long repeat yarns and entrelac have long be a great match. Simple entrelac shaping combined with an ever expanding ribbed edge create a simple and chic garment to be added to your wardrobe.
Eggplant Squares Eggplant Squares - Published in Knitter's Magazine K100 (Fall 2010). Developed as part of the Design Challenge for Opening Day at Stitches Midwest, the subtle change in color is achieved by using two strands of yarn throughout and changin one strand at each color change.
Breacan Swing Coat Breacan Swing Coat - Published in Knits Magazine Fall 2010 and available online. Plaid fabric is created by holding two strands of yarn and working one strand in stripes while working the other strand in intarsia. Not for the faint of heart, but the results are well worth the effort.
Interlaced Summer Top Interlaced Summer Top - Published in Cast On Summer 2010. An entrelac yoke comprised of lace and stockinette units merges seamlessly into waves of Vine Lace. Seamless construction combined with classic style makes this top a summer wardrobe staple.
Zigzag Bag Entrelac Zigzag Bag - Published in Cast On Fall 2009. Alternate two tiers of one color with two tiers of another and perfect zigzag lines are formed. Felt the fabric for sturdiness and you have a tote. Change the number of stitches per unit and you can change the size of the bag.
Entrelac Blues Entrelac Blues - Published in Knitter's Magazine K95 (Summer 2009). Developed as part of the Think Outside the Sox Design Challenge for Opening Day at Stitches East 2008. The simple sweatshirt style incorporates little blips of color through intarsia squares within the units.
Spruce and Ivory Spruce & Ivory - Published in Kniiter's Magazine K94 (Spring 2009). Small entrelac units worked as an all-over pattern create a flattering diagonal line in this perfect layering garment. Pattern was re-published in Entrée to Entrelac.
Prussian Jewels Prussian Jewels - Published in Knitter's Magazine K91 (Summer 2008). A merging of graduated entrelac and ripple stitch create an a-line top that works for any figure. Gwen's first design published in Knitter's is also included in Entrée to Entrelac.
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