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Educational Knit-a-longs

Edcuation is a core product of Knitability. However, we understand that not everyone is able to participate in classes offered at conventions, guilds or even their local yarn shop (if one is in their area). As such, we have been offering online classes and educational knit-a-longs for many years now. As technologies continue to be modified, improved and more readily available, our class offerings are also evolving.

Online classes are a combination of video and off-line interactions and provide you access to all of Gwen's knowledge similar to what you would receive in a standard class environment. Educational Knit-a-longs provide detailed written materials, provided over a designated time period and interval. Questions can be sent to a private group so all participants can respond and see the answers.

If you are interested in a particular topic, technique or project please e-mail Gwen and let her know. She will be in contact with you and if possible arrange something that will work for your schedules.

Craftsy Course Entrelac Knitting

The knitting technique of entrelac has long been one of Gwen's favorites. It is deceptively simple, looking much more difficult than it actually is. Now through Craftsy.com, Gwen can teach you Entrelac Knitting in the comfort and convenience of your own home. More details can be found here.
Prerequisites - Basic Knitting Skills.

At a reduced price
Craftsy Course How to Teach It

Although Gwen is known for teaching knitting, one of her favorite topics is teaching teachers of all kinds of crafts! How to Teach It provides insights on the business aspects of teaching, gives tips on developing classes and shares the best practices of craft instruction. And because it is through Craftsy.com, you can focus on your areas of interest and learn at your own pace . More details can be found here.
Prerequisites - Interest in Teaching.

At a reduced price
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