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Bunches of Bags

Description: Bags, purses and totes are currently the rage so learn the basics to design your own. Start with a simple folded rectangle, add a couple of seams and a flap (both with several options) and you have a card case. Next start with a flat bottom and work in the round to the top. Finish off with a custom eding and strap and you have a cell phone keeper. Finally, start at the top with spaced holes and shaping at the bottom, finish off with a strap and you have a handy pouch. Each bag provides opportunities to experiment with different closures, straps and finishes resulting in each bag being a custom creation. Discussion of hardware choices and resources will also be covered.
Supplies: 3-4 oz of worsted weight yarn, multiple colors in a similar weight are okay. Set of 5 DPN at least 2 - 3 sizes smaller than you would typically use with the yarn and no longer than 8" in length (6" length preferred)
Duration: 6 hours per session, 1 session
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