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Build a Better Bag

Description: Knitted bags are a hot accessory and this class covers the many options available to build (or knit) a better bag. Gain insights on how better define three dimensional shapes with just a few well place stitches. Discover the key stitch to creating firm fabrics. Learn how to add "hardware" to complete your bag in style. Students will create their own "mini" bag utilizing the various techniques discussed.
Supplies: Homework swatch, 3 ball of 1 oz each in different colors in smooth worsted weight yarn and a set of 5 DPN (8" or smaller - 6" preferred) at least 2 sizes smaller than you would typically use with the yarn and markers.
Homework: With 1 of the 3 colors, using needles described in supplies, CO 10 sts and knit 20 rows of garter stitch. On each of 4 DPNs, pick up 10 stitches along each side of the square (10 sts per needle - 40 sts total). Work 1 round of purl and leave on needles.
Duration: 3 hours per session, 1 session
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