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Recover, Renew, Recycle: New Life for Old Bags

Description: Beside yarn, knitters collect bags -- lots of them! Some we buy and some are given to us as swag. Some look great, but some of them could use a facelift. With a few simple calculations and some basic skills, learn to convert those perfect sized (but a little bit ugly) bags into a show stopper using your favorite knitting techniques and stitch patterns. Any yarn can be used and no felting is required. All you need is a little yarn, a dash of creativity and the willingness to never see that "ugly" bag ever again.
Supplies: Bag that could use a facelift (must still be structurally sound), homework swatch, tape measure, calculator, remaining yarn used in swatch and needles used in swatch. NOTE: A 12" x 12" bag will need 300 - 500 yds of yarn to complete the project. Only 1
Homework: Create a 5" x 5" swatch in yarn and stitch pattern of your choice to be used in creating a new bag.
Duration: 3 hours per session - 1 session
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