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Flat to Circular and Back Again

Description: If you hate seams, but love stitch dictionaries, then learn how to take patterns written row by row and convert them to round by round. If the pattern is already charted, it can be even easier. Learn what to do with those extra edge stitches, the importance of stitch repeats and the secrets to selecting patterns that are easy to convert. Students will practice converting several stitch patterns to work circularly and convert a circular pattern to be worked flat.
Supplies: A copy of the pattern selected, the homework swatch, a minimum of 1 oz of the same yarn used in the homework and DPN or short circulars in the same size used for the homework swatch.
Homework: Select a pattern stitch of your choice with a minimum 4 row repeat and maximum 8 row repeat and a stitch repeat of no more than 10 sts. Work a minimum to two stitch and row repeats in selected pattern in light colored smooth worsted weight yarn.
Duration: 3 hours per session, 1 session
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