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The Entrelac Shift: Combining Fabrics for Maximum Effect

Description: Incorporating entrelac with other knitted fabrics can create an outstanding accent in a garment, but the smooth transition between fabrics can be challenging. With a few guidelines, the fabric changeover can be accomplished nearly anywhere. Start by exploring the various options for incorporating chevron stitch fabrics along the pointed edges. Next discover tricks for moving between entrelac triangles and standard knitted fabrics. Students will create a customized neck warmer while they practice moving from entrelac to other knitted fabrics, both along the flat edge and along the pointed edge.
Supplies: Worsted weight yarn 100g in a multi color yarn or 50 g each in two colors, circular needles (any length) to create 4 sts / in stockinette gauge with selected yarn, homework using selected yarn and needles, remaining yarn, 2 buttons to coordinate with yarn
Homework: Homework provided with registration
Duration: 3 hours per session - 1 session
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