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Custom Knit Jackets: Everything But the Knitting

Description: Want to knit something for yourself that will stand the test of time? Then a custom fit, knit jacket is the answer. This class uses the methods and techinques found in Jean Frost's Custom Fit Knit Jackets. Together students work through the steps for taking measurments, creating a template and designing a custom jacket. Specialized skills such as sewing in a lining and finishing options are also covered in class. When you are done with class, you will be ready to start knitting a classic piece that will last a lifetime!!
Supplies: Homework swatches, 2 yds of sweatshirt fabric, tape measure, silk handkerchief at least 12" square (larger is better) to be used as lining fabric, sewing thread to match handkerchief, sewing needle (for thread), tapestry needle and scissors to cut fabric.
Homework: Create 2 identical swatches a minimum of 6" x 6" in fabric pattern of your choice. Block 1 swatch in the same manner jacket will be laundered. Swatches will not be required until the 3rd session
Duration: 3 hours per session - 4 - 5 sessions
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