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Aran Sweater Design -- The Crib Notes

Description: Aran sweater design is a topic that takes months, if not years to fully explore. But if you are ready to get your feet wet and begin process, this class is a great first step. Begin with a brief history of Aran sweaters, followed by an overview of historical Aran construction. Next discuss the practical issues and decisions that are associated with Aran design. Before leaving class, work through the initial steps of designing an Aran style sweater to reflect your own personal style. Students must be familiar with charts, cables and basic sweater construction
Supplies: 3 homework swatches, patterns/charts used to create swatches, additional yarn and needles used to create the swatches, graph paper, pencil, eraser, calculator, ruler.
Homework: In a smooth yarn of your choice, using needles appropriate to the yarn selection create three swatches. Swatch #1, a minimum of 2 repeats or 6" (which ever is longer) of a complex cable to be the feature cable of the sweater. Swatch #2, a swatch of a secondary cable -- work the same number of total rows as in swatch #1. Swatch #3, a 6" x 6" swatch of a "filler" pattern as selected by the student. Examples of filler patterns are seed stitch, moss stitch or the like.
Duration: 6 hours per session - 1 session
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