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Fair Isle for Your Phone

Description: If you have ever wanted to give Fair Isle a try, but were afraid to commit to a large project, this is the class for you. Students will gain sight into stranded knitting techniques including the various options for carrying two yarns at once. All the while, creating a useful and handy cell phone case. This class is designed as a basic introduction to the technique and assumes students will have no experience with stranded knitting although experience with knitting in the round and using double pointed needles is required.
Supplies: 2 oz of main color and 1 or 2 - 1 oz balls of a contrasting color(s) in smooth worsted weight wool yarn. Set of 4 size 10 (6.0mm) DPNs. Homework.
Homework: Leaving a 5 yd tail, with MC, cast on 15 sets divided evenly between 3 needles. Join without twisting. Purl 5 rows and leave on needles.
Duration: 3 hours per session, 1 session
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